Case Study: Phaeryn – Warmblood Mare

I first met Phaeryn in January 2017. She is located at a rescue facility I volunteer at.  Phaeryn has a sore back, lumbar and pelvis area with restricted movement in the neck. She is very face shy and doesn’t like being touched. She blocks anyone wanting to touch her shoulders or neck and bucks when asked to canter. During her first session she wasn’t sure about me and blocked me every time I tried touching her. I quickly figured that she is extremely sensitive and not sure what is expected of her. I had a little loving chat with her and asked her to trust me and try the strokes. It took a lot of convincing, but in the end she settled down. What I found is that she must have had a bad shoulder/sternum impact injury judging from the shift in the sternum bone, locked up shoulder and withers. She was also extremely sore in the hind end with a rotated pelvis and sacrum. I suggested she needed adjustments, which she received a few days after her session.

When I was done with her second session I invited another bodyworker along, Jennifer Harrison Ball, who used a technique called ConTact C.A.R.E ( on Phaeryn.  Between the two of us we got several releases throughout the body and a couple of long hind leg stretches she performed herself. We got a wonderful review back from my client, Sandy Forward of Circle F Horse Rescue. She commented as follows:

“I saw Phaeryn on Thursday and she was a total Love Bug so obviously whatever you girls did put her in the best of moods and then today she was under saddle with the trainer and she did wonderful even tried collecting herself a few times and was very relaxed for riding so thank you so much for everything you did on her it helped a lot and she is so much happier and more agreeable”.

I will keep you updated on Phaeryn’s story.  Please help us find her a good home where she can be loved and  care for. She is a wonderful caring mare.  To see more information on her please visit the Circle F Horse Rescue website

Cuddles after our session

Cuddles after our session